Sagas of the Starlit Age

The Fitzbeyn Files

Entries 001 - 003

- Record Start -

(normal speaking voice) Is this thing on? Oh the red light is working, that must mean its recording. Okay then. Let the first recording commence.(clears throat)

(In a professional tone of voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-One

Identified structure, Labyrinth.  Characteristics include masks of horror surrounding a bronze mask inlaid within the walls. Masks produce undead beings and purple energy that burns when touched.  Exit to labyrinth is through stone walls.  Also contains monsters known as Labyrinth Minotaurs.  Total number of monsters contained within labyrinth is unknown.  Dedicated to Baphomet.  Appeared in downtown Beran on (date). Destroyed most of the city.  (tone of anger) Note: May have also destroyed my sweetypie. (low volume, offhanded) Damn Labyrinths!

(clears throat, then professional tone)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Two

Identified monster, Labyrinth Minotaur.  Characteristics include wearing a bronze mask that gives them more ferocity in their attacks. Look like large anthropomorphic bulls.  Serve Baphomet. Fiendish in nature with a strong will and resistance to fire.  Intelligent enough to cast magical rituals to raise undead. Strong trample and charge. May also carry a greataxe as a weapon.  Destroying the bronze mask appears as only known weak spot and may possibly cause disappearance or disintegration.  Firearms and arcane magics are effective in defeating the minotaur.  Divine smiting also a solution. (normal speaking voice) Note: Don't get trampled by it, it hits like a Mac truck and hurts like a sonofabitch.

(professional tone)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Three

Identified monster, Stone Giant.  Characteristics include building a Stonehenge out of motor vehicles in parking lots.  Peaceful in nature, but easily angered when territory or self threatened.  Appeared in A-mart parking lot after a group of individuals including myself and Mags escaped from the  labyrinth.  Looks like a giant sized human made of stone.  Likes sheep including stuffed toy sheep. Possible occupations include shepherd.  Does not appear to be very agile or bright.  Speaks giant language.  Avoid angering. Attempt diplomacy first.  No known weaknesses to note at this time.

Side Note. Appearance of Labyrinth, Minotaur and Stone Giants may be connected to some major possibly end of the world type event. More to come.

(normal speaking voice) Okay now how do you turn this off. Oh I see. Push he…..

- End Record - 




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