Sagas of the Starlit Age

The Fitzbeyn Files 2

Entries 004-008, SP1-2

- Record Start -

(Indistinct voice can be heard in the background, a Normal voice responds) Those truckers banded together quick….I mean like the flash quick. It's like they are all psychically linked or something. (laughter)  Oh shit, I'm recording….

(Professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Four

Identified creature, Leshy.  Characteristics include ability to blend in with produce, possibly other plants or vegetation.  Looks similar to a peach and approximately the size of one perhaps slightly larger.  Attacks include vine like lances.  Arcane magic works well against them.  First encountered in a Gulp-n-Go hiding in a bushel of peaches.  (indistinct voice in the background then normal voice responds)  Yeah they were adorable  though, and that's how they get you. (laughter)

(clears throat then professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Five

Identified structure, Rift. Characteristics include swirling vortex of energy. Acts as a portal to another dimension fraught with unknown monsters not native to this plane.  Knowledge and use of arcane and/or divine magic is required to close these portals. May also require all creatures that were summoned from the portals.  Those with the ability to cast spells may be capable of summoning a rift, but may require aid from other side.  First encountered in Gulp-n-Go mechanic shop inside engine block. Second encounter was on the first level of a parking garage, opened by evil cultists.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Six

Identified creature, Tatzlwyrm.  Characteristics include two front legs with no rear appendages. Looks like a small wingless dragon.  No known weaknesses or strengths.  Tatzylwyrm is usually docile.  First encounter occurred in Gulp-n-Go mechanic shop. Was found to be beaten unconscious, stuck in a tail pipe.  Tatzlwyrm was tossed back into to rift when it was closed. Not native to this plane. 

(pauses briefly)

Fitzbeyn File Zero-Zero-Seven

Unknown mechanical paw.  Severed from body of creature attempting to enter this plane through the rift as it closed. Leaked oil.  Encountered at Gulp-n-Go mechanic shop.  (normal voice) hitting it with a wrench did not work very well.

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Eight

Unidentified Cat-like creature.  Characteristics include violet colored eyes.  Was appreciative towards Cassie when healed.  Unknown abilities or weaknesses.  Encountered at national guard reserve station. 

Fitzbeyn File Special Entry One

Arcane Marking. The marking is an eye with a lightning bolt in the center of the iris.  It itches and glows yellow whenever rifts and creatures not native to this plane are nearby.  This includes Cassie, a powerful being with a special power that is the key to saving the world and survivor traveling with our group.  The mark was tattooed on each group member, left arm near the wrist, by Gar, non-native, freeloader, stargazer and acquaintance to Seth the Gray.  (normal voice) Highly probable we see Gar again, he had a weird vibe to him.

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Special Entry Two

Book of Vile Darkness.  Gar has tasked the group to find the pages of this book. It is unknown as to how many pages there are, but they can be found with the arcane marking.  It is believed that this will defeat Vorgath, a very powerful undead, multi-avatar creature said to be one of the antagonists destroying the world. Originally a native of Skarn.  More to come…

(normal voice) Fitzbeyn out

- End Record -



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