Sagas of the Starlit Age

The Fitzbeyn Files 3

Entries 009-018, SP2 Update, SP3

- Record Start -

(normal speaking voice) I have been so busy lately, that it has completely slipped my mind that I record the monsters and special structures I come across in my journey. So, here is an extended edition.

(Professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Niner

Identified monster, Winter Wolf Warg. Characteristics include immunity to cold, capability of speech. Control over other beasts of its kind aka other wolves. Looks like a larger than normal white wolf. First encountered while traveling through a forest while approaching the town of Glennhearth. It had been captured from somewhere called the Fjords, so it wasn’t native to the area. The Warg was granted a merciful exit, as its desire was to be freed of capture and return to its home.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Zero

Identified creature, Half-elf monk. Characteristics include fist punching and ranged attacks. First encountered while staying at an inn within the confines of Glennhearth. Though humanoid, these monks allied themselves with the undead, and a necromancer. They belonged to a cult known as the Order of 13 keys. Isko and myself handled the monks with relative ease.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-One

Identified location, Glennhearth. One entrance to this town was lined with ghouls on stakes whose eyes lit up red whenever someone or something approached. A secondary entrance was relatively devoid of anything sinister. There was an inn just outside of the town proper that was attacked by ghouls and monks. Near the center of town, a necromancer engaged in evil acts and was in possession of a page from The book of Vile Darkness. Town citizens were actively being compul-err I mean compelled into attending church services at night.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Two

Identified creature, Ghoul. Characteristics include undead traits, paralysis and disease. They look like a dehydrated corpse. May travel in packs. Multiple encounters centered around the town Glennhearth and its environs. (normal voice) These fuckers were annoying, but TC was adept at handling them with spiked pit traps. One effective way of defeating them, Spiked Pit Traps!

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Three

Identified creature, Ghasts. Characteristics include undead traits, paralysis and disease. They look like ghouls with longer teeth but far more dangerous. (normal voice) They are basically a ghouls shittier cousin. (professional voice) First encountered at a gas station.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Four

Identified object, Azure. Characteristics include blue color, amplification of magical abilities, potentially addicting. Seth the Gray seemed to really want the stuff. Gar was cautious and tested some of the material that he obtained from Isko’s arm. Potentially disastrous if it falls into the wrong hands or even in the right hands. Not native to this plane. Native plane is the size of a thumbnail. Word of caution: Handle with extreme care or not at all.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Five

Identified location, Tomb of King Selonas. Characteristics include giant hole in the wall caused by an awakened motor-vehicle. (normal voice) HAHA! ahem…. (professional voice) necromancers were attempting to sacrifice Gomer and Pyle cleverly disguised as Cassie and Liza. Something about their blood was necessary to raise King Selonas as some ultimate zombie. Tomb was not from this age.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Six

Identified location, Moonbrooke. Characteristics include Supermax prison, demonic undertones and some old geezer by the name of Azer. Azer used a page from the book of Vile Darkness and human sacrifice to create a plentiful harvest for the townsfolk and keep the monsters at bay (normal voice) which he was likely summoning. (professional voice) Mayor was somehow cool about this. (normal voice) Ugh! (professional voice) The page, TC’s cousin Fred, and the son of a Shieldheart were successfully retrieved upon defeating a Nelfishne.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Seven

Identified creature, gluttony demon Nelfishne. Characteristics include immunity to electricity and poison. Resistant to acid, cold, fire and spells in general. Looks like a giant demon pig. First encountered in the boiler room of the Supermax prison. Demonbane weapons, certain spells and holy smite work well in defeating the Nelfishne. (normal voice) Demonic bacon…evil bacon….but bacon is soooo good

(sudden silence)

(normal voice) oh right, totally spaced out there for a moment.

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Eight

Identified Location, the Citadel of the Road Shepherds. Characteristics include temple devoted to a living god, mechanic shop, market square, schools, recruiter’s station and other locations. Well defended. Location is somewhere near Whitewatch. Spent much time working in mechanic’s shop. Managed to obtain a mythic truck!! (excited normal voice) I shall dub thee Pegasus! (professional voice) Nothing sinister was observed.

Special Note: I owe the lead mechanic a favor at some point.

Fitzbeyn Special Entry Two Update

Book of Vile Darkness. Since my last recording, our group, known as the All-do-wells have managed to obtain six pages of the Book of Vile Darkness. Thanks to the living god encountered at the Citadel of the Road Shepherds we have all present locations for the remaining pages. (normal voice) And we are in for ALOT of fighting. Best prepare.

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn Special Entry Three

Thanksgiving special. At some point while in a library, after meeting up with members from another party, the group fought several monsters resembling Thanksgiving style foods. There was a turkey-trise whose bite could turn you to stone. The cure was their tears. There was an ooze that resembled cranberry sauce and a mound of mashed potatoes. (normal voice) Totally gives thought to ever having thanksgiving foods again. But turkey….. (sounds distant, distracted) turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, DAMMIT now I am hungry. Anyways, where was I, oh yeah.. (professional voice) In addition, prior to fighting these thanksgiving day themed monstrosities, the group managed to fight off shadow creatures and a misguided magic-user attempting to use a page of the book. (normal voice) dumbasses… all of them. You shouldn’t fuck with shit you can’t comprehend. geez.

(normal voice) WOOO Truck! I still miss Jeep though but WOOO Truck!

Fitzbeyn out

- End Record -



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