Sagas of the Starlit Age

The Fitzbeyn Files 4

Entries 019 - 022, SP4

- Record Start -

(a conflicted and hurt normal voice) How do you take the life of one so evil but whom also happens to be your own brother? (guttural scream) Why…Why…Why…couldn’t he see that the world can be saved. Was there no good truly left in him? Was it really all about a power grab? Have I failed him as a brother?

Alden told me of the child he conceived with the Efreeti princess, a daughter. Does this mean the curse has truly ended? The consequences of such are that the Efreeti now have an eternal hatred for the All-Do-Wells, not just me. I managed to threaten the life of a child I’ve never met. Why? Was it because she’s a half breed? Or was it simply the pain of confronting my evil twin brother who refused to see the truth? I couldn’t willingly take my brother’s life, but instead turn my back to him and walk away, letting an old dwarf mete out punishment on Alden. Alden certainly deserved to be punished for his actions, but did it need to be taken that far? Could we have incarcerated him? Was he even worth saving? Does my inaction make me weak, a coward, unfit in my duties? I beseech upon thee Agnes, for guidance, for the wisdom in my actions.

(soft chanting begins)

For I am the River.
A torrent of justice, a serenity of mercy, flowing ever forward.
For I am the Shield.
Sheltering the helpless, the innocent, the weak.
For I am the Storm.
Striking fear into the hearts of my enemies.
For I am Fitzbeyn.
Agnes be praised.

(the chant is repeated a few times, the voice becoming calmer with each incantation, before the recorder is abruptly shutoff)

(a normal voice resumes, presumably after some time has passed) Rant over, let’s begin

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Niner

Identified Creature, Bodak. Characteristics include damage resistance, immunity to electricity, resistance to acid and fire. Classified extraplanar undead with undead traits. Vulnerable to sunlight and cold iron. Upon death, creature slain may become Bodaks. Looks like a charred, dried husk of skin in a humanoid like shape and empty eye sockets. First encountered while assisting Liza and the Knights of Selona at an orphanage. Special note: The bodak does not appear to have teeth. The bodak suspected of killing Margaret Fitzbeyn left a tooth. More to come.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Two-Zero

Unidentified cat-like creature. Characteristics include scorpion like tail, poisonous. Agile. Potential weakness to magic, as it disappeared in a ruby colored flash after being hit. Bullets also damaged creature though not as effectively. Encountered in the parking lot of the Arena in Whitewatch.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Two-One

Identified creature, Kyton. Characteristics include chains wrapped around the body. Humanoid shaped. Known to be the enforcers of Kaerynn. Kaerynn is a goddess devoted to law and protection at the expense of tyranny. First encountered outside the Arena at Whitewatch. Was also dead and hanging from hooks. Its blood dripped into a bowl below its feet.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Two-Two

Identified creature, Efreeti. Characteristics include immunity to fire, spell-like abilities, flight. Vulnerable to cold and possesses a weak fortitude. Looks like a humanoid made of fire and brimstone. Classified extraplanar outsider, native to a plane of fire. A Fitzbeyn hating enemy. First encountered on the field at the Whitewatch Arena.

Fitzbeyn Special Entry Four

Alden Llane Fitzbeyn. Evil twin brother to Jarit Ethan Fitzbeyn. Alden accepted the marriage proposal to an Efreeti princess and conceived a daughter, thus breaking the Fitzbeyn family curse. Alden and bride were considered King and Queen of unidentified tribe of Efreeti. Queen was killed by a spiked pit trap. Alden was captured and questioned by Jarit Fitzbeyn. Alden was then sentenced to death for his crimes against humanity. The child at this time, resides at an unknown location with unknown entities. Potentially more to follow.

Special Note: Alden possessed the remaining four pages of the Book of Vile Darkness. This completes the book. More to come.

(normal voice) currently on a flying boat with the All-Do-Wells, some old ass dwarf and a war torn not-an-elf who is friends with a sprite. Yeah, that’s not weird (sarcasm intoned)

Fitzbeyn Out

- End Record -



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