Sagas of the Starlit Age

Turn the Page

ha, get it?

We are currently sitting at the citadel of the Road Shepards. It’s pretty amazing how much shit they have managed to build in such a short time. I think it’s probably thanks to their “Living God” as they call him. I have my doubts but he is certainly a person of great power all things considered. Soon we will be taking to the road again, this time to assault an operation in the north where they have collected quite a few of the pages behind our backs. This will be the first time we go somewhere and know for a fact we will be looking for a fight and it feels pretty good.

Some of you guys out there have come and found me or contacted me and asked how you can help. I never really considered that idea but let me say that it’s important for each and every one of us to do something to help or inevitably we are all going to die together. Feed your neighbors if they don’t have food, band together to fight off predators or just don’t be a dick. Every little bit helps.

As always, Shoot me an email if you need anything or think you’re in trouble.



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