Sagas of the Starlit Age

White Mustang

So here I sit, Probably a month into this little adventure. I don't have to drive anymore, thanks too an awakened ford mustang that just takes me where I want to go. We traveled west in search of a contact that Jarett thought may be able to provide us with some information. Just so happened he was right, an old lighthouse in the middle of nowhere owned by a strange wizard who obviously has a bit of a drug problem. it's here that we were turned on to an artifact called the Book of Vile Darkness and sent us on a quest to handle these rifts and uncover the pages of this book.

Eventually our quest led us to the  town of Glennhearth after our friend cassie had a vision of something there, which just so happened to be controlled by a strange necromancer who possessed one of the pages of the book. Long story short, we got the page and went on our way but not before having to throw down with a number of strange ghoul creatures. If anyone reading this knows anything about "The Order of 13 keys" send me an email 'cause they sound like they are about to become a problem. 



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