Sagas of the Starlit Age

Lonely is the Night

Hey guys,

I guess it’s been a while. I have been caught up and a bit too busy to keep everyone updated but here we are. let me recap for you what has been going on. We finished the Book of Vile Darkness and now it should be locked away somewhere that no one can get to it. I mean fuck, I’m not even sure who would want to touch that thing, I had it in my bag for a time and I feel like the stink of it is still everywhere.

I’m sure you have all seen the big news, Alexandros himself fell to the vile misdeeds of the adversary who has finally shown his face. Honestly I’m not really sure what to do at this point, we managed to protect the capital and that’s all well and good but really it is just putting a band aid on the wound. Holy women and men everywhere have lost their access to the divine forces which they once controlled and the republic is doomed to fall.

If you have started to see the strange cities and structures surrounding you, I’m sure you have a lot of questions, I’ll do my best to give you some answers. Those things are appearing because the grand design has collapsed. See the grand design was the construction of the cosmos and contained 3 separate material planes (IE our world) most of you wouldn’t know this because there have been forces trying to keep that information in the dark and preventing travel between the worlds. When the grand design collapsed in on itself, the three worlds started to become one and somehow the convergence just happened to center around us. It looks like we are going to fighting for control of our cities and lands.

I guess it’s a time for reflection for me. I slept the last few days, having expended so much energy just to try to make things a little better for us, but where do we even go from here? what do we have that could make us anywhere near powerful enough to win this fight?

Planes, Demigods, Full Gods, it all just adds up to one big fuck you. It seems to me that someone should have seen this kind of thing coming and at least done something to help prevent it, over the course of the history of Etenya, there is just no way that people didn’t know what dick head was up to.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. I know it’s a bit much to ask but try to stay safe out there, and try to remember something important, we are Alexandrians, more than that we are citizens of this world that we all share. Our history is one of War and Strife and Conquest, and over 1600 years no one has been able to defeat us, not in any capacity that really matters. When everything seems the most hopeless, try to remember that and in the end we will be victorious.

The Fitzbeyn Files 4
Entries 019 - 022, SP4

- Record Start -

(a conflicted and hurt normal voice) How do you take the life of one so evil but whom also happens to be your own brother? (guttural scream) Why…Why…Why…couldn’t he see that the world can be saved. Was there no good truly left in him? Was it really all about a power grab? Have I failed him as a brother?

Alden told me of the child he conceived with the Efreeti princess, a daughter. Does this mean the curse has truly ended? The consequences of such are that the Efreeti now have an eternal hatred for the All-Do-Wells, not just me. I managed to threaten the life of a child I’ve never met. Why? Was it because she’s a half breed? Or was it simply the pain of confronting my evil twin brother who refused to see the truth? I couldn’t willingly take my brother’s life, but instead turn my back to him and walk away, letting an old dwarf mete out punishment on Alden. Alden certainly deserved to be punished for his actions, but did it need to be taken that far? Could we have incarcerated him? Was he even worth saving? Does my inaction make me weak, a coward, unfit in my duties? I beseech upon thee Agnes, for guidance, for the wisdom in my actions.

(soft chanting begins)

For I am the River.
A torrent of justice, a serenity of mercy, flowing ever forward.
For I am the Shield.
Sheltering the helpless, the innocent, the weak.
For I am the Storm.
Striking fear into the hearts of my enemies.
For I am Fitzbeyn.
Agnes be praised.

(the chant is repeated a few times, the voice becoming calmer with each incantation, before the recorder is abruptly shutoff)

(a normal voice resumes, presumably after some time has passed) Rant over, let’s begin

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Niner

Identified Creature, Bodak. Characteristics include damage resistance, immunity to electricity, resistance to acid and fire. Classified extraplanar undead with undead traits. Vulnerable to sunlight and cold iron. Upon death, creature slain may become Bodaks. Looks like a charred, dried husk of skin in a humanoid like shape and empty eye sockets. First encountered while assisting Liza and the Knights of Selona at an orphanage. Special note: The bodak does not appear to have teeth. The bodak suspected of killing Margaret Fitzbeyn left a tooth. More to come.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Two-Zero

Unidentified cat-like creature. Characteristics include scorpion like tail, poisonous. Agile. Potential weakness to magic, as it disappeared in a ruby colored flash after being hit. Bullets also damaged creature though not as effectively. Encountered in the parking lot of the Arena in Whitewatch.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Two-One

Identified creature, Kyton. Characteristics include chains wrapped around the body. Humanoid shaped. Known to be the enforcers of Kaerynn. Kaerynn is a goddess devoted to law and protection at the expense of tyranny. First encountered outside the Arena at Whitewatch. Was also dead and hanging from hooks. Its blood dripped into a bowl below its feet.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Two-Two

Identified creature, Efreeti. Characteristics include immunity to fire, spell-like abilities, flight. Vulnerable to cold and possesses a weak fortitude. Looks like a humanoid made of fire and brimstone. Classified extraplanar outsider, native to a plane of fire. A Fitzbeyn hating enemy. First encountered on the field at the Whitewatch Arena.

Fitzbeyn Special Entry Four

Alden Llane Fitzbeyn. Evil twin brother to Jarit Ethan Fitzbeyn. Alden accepted the marriage proposal to an Efreeti princess and conceived a daughter, thus breaking the Fitzbeyn family curse. Alden and bride were considered King and Queen of unidentified tribe of Efreeti. Queen was killed by a spiked pit trap. Alden was captured and questioned by Jarit Fitzbeyn. Alden was then sentenced to death for his crimes against humanity. The child at this time, resides at an unknown location with unknown entities. Potentially more to follow.

Special Note: Alden possessed the remaining four pages of the Book of Vile Darkness. This completes the book. More to come.

(normal voice) currently on a flying boat with the All-Do-Wells, some old ass dwarf and a war torn not-an-elf who is friends with a sprite. Yeah, that’s not weird (sarcasm intoned)

Fitzbeyn Out

- End Record -

The Fitzbeyn Files 3
Entries 009-018, SP2 Update, SP3

- Record Start -

(normal speaking voice) I have been so busy lately, that it has completely slipped my mind that I record the monsters and special structures I come across in my journey. So, here is an extended edition.

(Professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Niner

Identified monster, Winter Wolf Warg. Characteristics include immunity to cold, capability of speech. Control over other beasts of its kind aka other wolves. Looks like a larger than normal white wolf. First encountered while traveling through a forest while approaching the town of Glennhearth. It had been captured from somewhere called the Fjords, so it wasn’t native to the area. The Warg was granted a merciful exit, as its desire was to be freed of capture and return to its home.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Zero

Identified creature, Half-elf monk. Characteristics include fist punching and ranged attacks. First encountered while staying at an inn within the confines of Glennhearth. Though humanoid, these monks allied themselves with the undead, and a necromancer. They belonged to a cult known as the Order of 13 keys. Isko and myself handled the monks with relative ease.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-One

Identified location, Glennhearth. One entrance to this town was lined with ghouls on stakes whose eyes lit up red whenever someone or something approached. A secondary entrance was relatively devoid of anything sinister. There was an inn just outside of the town proper that was attacked by ghouls and monks. Near the center of town, a necromancer engaged in evil acts and was in possession of a page from The book of Vile Darkness. Town citizens were actively being compul-err I mean compelled into attending church services at night.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Two

Identified creature, Ghoul. Characteristics include undead traits, paralysis and disease. They look like a dehydrated corpse. May travel in packs. Multiple encounters centered around the town Glennhearth and its environs. (normal voice) These fuckers were annoying, but TC was adept at handling them with spiked pit traps. One effective way of defeating them, Spiked Pit Traps!

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Three

Identified creature, Ghasts. Characteristics include undead traits, paralysis and disease. They look like ghouls with longer teeth but far more dangerous. (normal voice) They are basically a ghouls shittier cousin. (professional voice) First encountered at a gas station.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Four

Identified object, Azure. Characteristics include blue color, amplification of magical abilities, potentially addicting. Seth the Gray seemed to really want the stuff. Gar was cautious and tested some of the material that he obtained from Isko’s arm. Potentially disastrous if it falls into the wrong hands or even in the right hands. Not native to this plane. Native plane is the size of a thumbnail. Word of caution: Handle with extreme care or not at all.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Five

Identified location, Tomb of King Selonas. Characteristics include giant hole in the wall caused by an awakened motor-vehicle. (normal voice) HAHA! ahem…. (professional voice) necromancers were attempting to sacrifice Gomer and Pyle cleverly disguised as Cassie and Liza. Something about their blood was necessary to raise King Selonas as some ultimate zombie. Tomb was not from this age.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Six

Identified location, Moonbrooke. Characteristics include Supermax prison, demonic undertones and some old geezer by the name of Azer. Azer used a page from the book of Vile Darkness and human sacrifice to create a plentiful harvest for the townsfolk and keep the monsters at bay (normal voice) which he was likely summoning. (professional voice) Mayor was somehow cool about this. (normal voice) Ugh! (professional voice) The page, TC’s cousin Fred, and the son of a Shieldheart were successfully retrieved upon defeating a Nelfishne.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Seven

Identified creature, gluttony demon Nelfishne. Characteristics include immunity to electricity and poison. Resistant to acid, cold, fire and spells in general. Looks like a giant demon pig. First encountered in the boiler room of the Supermax prison. Demonbane weapons, certain spells and holy smite work well in defeating the Nelfishne. (normal voice) Demonic bacon…evil bacon….but bacon is soooo good

(sudden silence)

(normal voice) oh right, totally spaced out there for a moment.

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-One-Eight

Identified Location, the Citadel of the Road Shepherds. Characteristics include temple devoted to a living god, mechanic shop, market square, schools, recruiter’s station and other locations. Well defended. Location is somewhere near Whitewatch. Spent much time working in mechanic’s shop. Managed to obtain a mythic truck!! (excited normal voice) I shall dub thee Pegasus! (professional voice) Nothing sinister was observed.

Special Note: I owe the lead mechanic a favor at some point.

Fitzbeyn Special Entry Two Update

Book of Vile Darkness. Since my last recording, our group, known as the All-do-wells have managed to obtain six pages of the Book of Vile Darkness. Thanks to the living god encountered at the Citadel of the Road Shepherds we have all present locations for the remaining pages. (normal voice) And we are in for ALOT of fighting. Best prepare.

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn Special Entry Three

Thanksgiving special. At some point while in a library, after meeting up with members from another party, the group fought several monsters resembling Thanksgiving style foods. There was a turkey-trise whose bite could turn you to stone. The cure was their tears. There was an ooze that resembled cranberry sauce and a mound of mashed potatoes. (normal voice) Totally gives thought to ever having thanksgiving foods again. But turkey….. (sounds distant, distracted) turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, DAMMIT now I am hungry. Anyways, where was I, oh yeah.. (professional voice) In addition, prior to fighting these thanksgiving day themed monstrosities, the group managed to fight off shadow creatures and a misguided magic-user attempting to use a page of the book. (normal voice) dumbasses… all of them. You shouldn’t fuck with shit you can’t comprehend. geez.

(normal voice) WOOO Truck! I still miss Jeep though but WOOO Truck!

Fitzbeyn out

- End Record -

Turn the Page
ha, get it?

We are currently sitting at the citadel of the Road Shepards. It’s pretty amazing how much shit they have managed to build in such a short time. I think it’s probably thanks to their “Living God” as they call him. I have my doubts but he is certainly a person of great power all things considered. Soon we will be taking to the road again, this time to assault an operation in the north where they have collected quite a few of the pages behind our backs. This will be the first time we go somewhere and know for a fact we will be looking for a fight and it feels pretty good.

Some of you guys out there have come and found me or contacted me and asked how you can help. I never really considered that idea but let me say that it’s important for each and every one of us to do something to help or inevitably we are all going to die together. Feed your neighbors if they don’t have food, band together to fight off predators or just don’t be a dick. Every little bit helps.

As always, Shoot me an email if you need anything or think you’re in trouble.

Sound of Silence

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while. Got busy, trying to save the world and rescue the common folk and all that happy shit. Myself and Cassie were almost sacrificed to raise the mummified body of an old ruler….who apparently is my ancestor? I never really thought about my history much. Never really seemed important, like who really cares who your descended from? I know my great something was Captain Netzoni from the history books but I just learned his wife was actually Aurelia (pretty name) Allesandri, scion of the god himself. We have been on the road now for a couple of days and while Barton /my car/ drives himself it gives me a lot of time to think. What do these things even mean for me? What if someone is trying to take a knife to one of my kids /more on that one day/ for some bizarre ceremony, I don’t even know where they are. Shit my Daughter should be pushing 11 in the spring, which makes my son 9 and out there by themselves in the middle of the end of the world. I feel like I would know if something happened to them, but I still worry.

Either way I’m starting to think that I should pay a visit to DeLeone one day, Learn a bit more about where I’m from. I’m starting to feel like people need hope in these times and for once I might be in a place to actually do some good and it makes me feel more alive then I have in years.

Stay safe out there, and if you need help, send me an Email.
Liza Netzoni

White Mustang

So here I sit, Probably a month into this little adventure. I don't have to drive anymore, thanks too an awakened ford mustang that just takes me where I want to go. We traveled west in search of a contact that Jarett thought may be able to provide us with some information. Just so happened he was right, an old lighthouse in the middle of nowhere owned by a strange wizard who obviously has a bit of a drug problem. it's here that we were turned on to an artifact called the Book of Vile Darkness and sent us on a quest to handle these rifts and uncover the pages of this book.

Eventually our quest led us to the  town of Glennhearth after our friend cassie had a vision of something there, which just so happened to be controlled by a strange necromancer who possessed one of the pages of the book. Long story short, we got the page and went on our way but not before having to throw down with a number of strange ghoul creatures. If anyone reading this knows anything about "The Order of 13 keys" send me an email 'cause they sound like they are about to become a problem. 

The Fitzbeyn Files 2
Entries 004-008, SP1-2

- Record Start -

(Indistinct voice can be heard in the background, a Normal voice responds) Those truckers banded together quick….I mean like the flash quick. It's like they are all psychically linked or something. (laughter)  Oh shit, I'm recording….

(Professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Four

Identified creature, Leshy.  Characteristics include ability to blend in with produce, possibly other plants or vegetation.  Looks similar to a peach and approximately the size of one perhaps slightly larger.  Attacks include vine like lances.  Arcane magic works well against them.  First encountered in a Gulp-n-Go hiding in a bushel of peaches.  (indistinct voice in the background then normal voice responds)  Yeah they were adorable  though, and that's how they get you. (laughter)

(clears throat then professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Five

Identified structure, Rift. Characteristics include swirling vortex of energy. Acts as a portal to another dimension fraught with unknown monsters not native to this plane.  Knowledge and use of arcane and/or divine magic is required to close these portals. May also require all creatures that were summoned from the portals.  Those with the ability to cast spells may be capable of summoning a rift, but may require aid from other side.  First encountered in Gulp-n-Go mechanic shop inside engine block. Second encounter was on the first level of a parking garage, opened by evil cultists.

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Six

Identified creature, Tatzlwyrm.  Characteristics include two front legs with no rear appendages. Looks like a small wingless dragon.  No known weaknesses or strengths.  Tatzylwyrm is usually docile.  First encounter occurred in Gulp-n-Go mechanic shop. Was found to be beaten unconscious, stuck in a tail pipe.  Tatzlwyrm was tossed back into to rift when it was closed. Not native to this plane. 

(pauses briefly)

Fitzbeyn File Zero-Zero-Seven

Unknown mechanical paw.  Severed from body of creature attempting to enter this plane through the rift as it closed. Leaked oil.  Encountered at Gulp-n-Go mechanic shop.  (normal voice) hitting it with a wrench did not work very well.

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Eight

Unidentified Cat-like creature.  Characteristics include violet colored eyes.  Was appreciative towards Cassie when healed.  Unknown abilities or weaknesses.  Encountered at national guard reserve station. 

Fitzbeyn File Special Entry One

Arcane Marking. The marking is an eye with a lightning bolt in the center of the iris.  It itches and glows yellow whenever rifts and creatures not native to this plane are nearby.  This includes Cassie, a powerful being with a special power that is the key to saving the world and survivor traveling with our group.  The mark was tattooed on each group member, left arm near the wrist, by Gar, non-native, freeloader, stargazer and acquaintance to Seth the Gray.  (normal voice) Highly probable we see Gar again, he had a weird vibe to him.

(professional voice)

Fitzbeyn File Special Entry Two

Book of Vile Darkness.  Gar has tasked the group to find the pages of this book. It is unknown as to how many pages there are, but they can be found with the arcane marking.  It is believed that this will defeat Vorgath, a very powerful undead, multi-avatar creature said to be one of the antagonists destroying the world. Originally a native of Skarn.  More to come…

(normal voice) Fitzbeyn out

- End Record -

T. C. Porter's Journal
Entry 1

We stopped at a Glug &  Go for what I expected to be a standard fill up.  It wasn't.  Apparently they had a leshy problem….  Well four jumped from the produce stall and stabbed me with plant-like javelins.  They were pretty pedestrian though..  I mean I incapacitated them pretty easy with color spray.  I ended scaring some children,  and their mother away though.  Whoops.  It turns out a rift opened up,  and let some leshy,  and a weak wyrm in..  I did manage to make 100 bucks though,  after complaining to the owner..  Paid for the gas,  and stuff.  I also left some money for the kids to get candy. 

Anarchy in Beran

So here we are on the open road. We escaped a city before it could devour us and are currently heading west because somebody thinks that there is information that way. If you were to ask me I think we’re just running, I mean what else is there to do? I decided to collect my thoughts by starting this little pet project of mine and trying to keep some sort of record. Let me start from the beginning, or as close to it as I can come. My name is Liza Netzoni, yes my great grandfather was that guy but really who cares.
            Pop was a hard man who spent a little too much time hugging a needle while ma was a prostitute who spent a little too much time doing a whole different type of hugging. If you can possibly imagine my childhood wasn’t exactly walking in the sun. when I hit 10 my mom went out for a job and never came back and left me with pop who spent a bunch of his time hitting me, and there’s something poetic about that if you ask me. Didn’t take long for us to need a bit of extra cash, and my pop decided nobody is suspicious of a little go so I loaded up my bag with a bit of illicit materials and we started our own family business. Pop would make the deals and I would do the distribution. Everything was alright for a few years, at least until just after I hit 15 when I came down stairs and found my pop laying on the kitchen floor devoid of life and humiliatingly hanging out in a pile of his own drool. That was that, I was alone.

            What was a girl to do, Wait around for the cops to figure out what happened…maybe throw me in the system and put me In a home where they could “fix” me? Yeah I don’t think so. So instead I ran, found myself sitting around in back alley ways and under bridges but I found something else while I was out there too, the Topaz. It’s like meth only instead of just getting you high it introduces you to the geomantic forces of the world. I became powerful and learned to manipulate those forces. Without the help of any school nerds I taught myself the art.

            See the problem with needing an illicit substance like Topaz is that it’s hard to get and it costs a fair bit of scratch. So I needed the money and contacted an old friend of my pops who gave me a job doing a bit of distribution, which at this point I was pretty good at. Things were good then, at least I thought so. I had a little apartment on the north side of Beran and was making enough money for hobbies and habits. There isn’t much use to this part of the story, at least for now, so let me jump ahead about 5 years when I was assigned a job. It was supposed to be easy. Meet the contact, make the trade, head home. Kind of shit I’d done literally a thousand times. I got to the place and my “Boss” was there too, which really should have told me something was wrong, but let’s be honest When you spend half your time fucked up your brain doesn’t work like it use too. Turns out the client wasn’t trying to buy the product I brought, he was trying to buy me and really I didn’t like that Idea too much. I called my power and burned all of them. I realized at this moment that we don’t control the power we conjure, it controls us and we just try to stack the odds in our favor. The only problem is that while I was having these earth shattering revelations it turns out I was actually just lying in a pool of my own drool somewhere and I don’t remember a fucking thing until I woke up in a jail cell awaiting arraignment.
            Judge was a bit of a dickhead and even though I didn’t get the murder charges because of the circumstance, they still stuck me with manslaughter and gave me five years in lock up for my troubles. Once again the system failed me, a victim of circumstance. First few months I went through heavy rehabilitation programs to kick me of my bad habits and after that it’s problem another one of those stories I’ll have to save for later. Suffice it to say I got out eventually, a year early with good behavior (The Idiots.) I didn’t have money, I didn’t have help and I didn’t know what I was going to do so instead I turned to my magic. I used the skills I had learned over my life to take new secrets from those stuck up school mages. They hated me for it but what could they do from their libraries? All it ever took was one new spell to the right person and I could afford to eat for the month, and those school idiots thought their secured servers would keep me out. Lucky for them, or rather for me, while I was in the lock up and I had nothing to do and learned a bit too much about technology, from coding to engineering and I’m good at everything I try, they say it’s a feature of my bloodline.

            This went on for a year before a giant labyrinth appeared in my city and now here I am on the road, running from problems I don’t even know, looking for information where there probably is none and doing the best I can not to just put my headphones in a shut the world out. A deaf girl who looks to the sky a little too much, a professional monster hunter who has a hard on for his material possessions, a rock faced skate boarder with a bit of a Zen problem, a fucking school mage, a random collection of college kids and day laborers, and me, waiting to see the lines of probability so maybe I can make some sense out of all this shit when in the end it probably doesn’t even matter anyways. It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.


The Fitzbeyn Files
Entries 001 - 003

- Record Start -

(normal speaking voice) Is this thing on? Oh the red light is working, that must mean its recording. Okay then. Let the first recording commence.(clears throat)

(In a professional tone of voice)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-One

Identified structure, Labyrinth.  Characteristics include masks of horror surrounding a bronze mask inlaid within the walls. Masks produce undead beings and purple energy that burns when touched.  Exit to labyrinth is through stone walls.  Also contains monsters known as Labyrinth Minotaurs.  Total number of monsters contained within labyrinth is unknown.  Dedicated to Baphomet.  Appeared in downtown Beran on (date). Destroyed most of the city.  (tone of anger) Note: May have also destroyed my sweetypie. (low volume, offhanded) Damn Labyrinths!

(clears throat, then professional tone)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Two

Identified monster, Labyrinth Minotaur.  Characteristics include wearing a bronze mask that gives them more ferocity in their attacks. Look like large anthropomorphic bulls.  Serve Baphomet. Fiendish in nature with a strong will and resistance to fire.  Intelligent enough to cast magical rituals to raise undead. Strong trample and charge. May also carry a greataxe as a weapon.  Destroying the bronze mask appears as only known weak spot and may possibly cause disappearance or disintegration.  Firearms and arcane magics are effective in defeating the minotaur.  Divine smiting also a solution. (normal speaking voice) Note: Don't get trampled by it, it hits like a Mac truck and hurts like a sonofabitch.

(professional tone)

Fitzbeyn File Entry Zero-Zero-Three

Identified monster, Stone Giant.  Characteristics include building a Stonehenge out of motor vehicles in parking lots.  Peaceful in nature, but easily angered when territory or self threatened.  Appeared in A-mart parking lot after a group of individuals including myself and Mags escaped from the  labyrinth.  Looks like a giant sized human made of stone.  Likes sheep including stuffed toy sheep. Possible occupations include shepherd.  Does not appear to be very agile or bright.  Speaks giant language.  Avoid angering. Attempt diplomacy first.  No known weaknesses to note at this time.

Side Note. Appearance of Labyrinth, Minotaur and Stone Giants may be connected to some major possibly end of the world type event. More to come.

(normal speaking voice) Okay now how do you turn this off. Oh I see. Push he…..

- End Record - 



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