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  • Test post

    - Record Start -

    (normal speaking voice) Is this thing on? Oh the red light is working, that must mean its recording. Okay then. Let the first recording commence.(clears throat)

    (In a professional tone of voice)

  • The Fitzbeyn Files 2

    - Record Start -

    (Indistinct voice can be heard in the background, a Normal voice responds) Those truckers banded together quick....I mean like the flash quick. It's like they are all psychically linked or something. (laughter)  …

  • The Fitzbeyn Files 3

    - Record Start - _(normal speaking voice) I have been so busy lately, that it has completely slipped my mind that I record the monsters and special structures I come across in my journey. So, here is an extended edition._ _(Professional voice)_ …

  • The Fitzbeyn Files 4

    - Record Start - _(a conflicted and hurt normal voice) How do you take the life of one so evil but whom also happens to be your own brother? (guttural scream) Why...Why...Why...couldn't he see that the world can be saved. Was there no good truly left …

  • The Fitzbeyn Files

    A mass of recordings dedicated to the collection of lore on monsters, structures and other rarities that exists in the world today.  Brought to you by Jarit Fitzbeyn, Stormchaser.

    XAC - Mags the Parrot

    Jarit's animal companion, hunting partner and friend for many years. Named after Jarit's grandmother, Margaret "Maggie" Fitzbeyn. Death was at the hands of Winter Wights during the battle in the fields just outside the Alexandrian capital city, …