Gods and Goddesses

N Goddess of Earth, Hearth, Home, and Community
Symbol: Single Sheaf of Wheat
Domains: Community, Plant, Protection
Holy Weapon: Ironwood Scythe with a diamond blade
Relic of the Faith: Plate of plenty, a platinum plate that magically conjures food to no limit.

NG Lesser Goddess of the Sea, Storm, and Tide
Symbol: Open palm wave
Domains: Protection, Water, Weather
Holy Weapon: Spiked Shield
Holy Relic: Driftwood. A spiked heavy shield that is the bastion of protection and freedom.

LG God of Nobility and Expansion
Symbol: Golden Sword pointing upwards releasing a solar ring around it.
Domains: Strength, War, Nobility
Holy Weapon: Greatsword
Holy Relic: Durendal, Light of Alexandria (Great-sword)

N God of the Misguided
Symbol: Compass
Domains: Travel, Luck, Protection
Holy Weapon: Shepard’s Crook
Holy Relic: Belyn’s Compass, which sets you on the path of your destiny, be it good or bad.

NG Goddess of healing, medicine, and apothecary
Symbol: a black snake encircling a bowl of water with a swirl of blood inside
Domains: Healing, Water, Divine Magic
Holy Weapon: Obsidian Scalpel
Holy Relic: Serpent’s Stave, a staff that can become a black snake that can have great venom or great restorative power, depending on the bearer.

CN God of Freedom
Symbol: 7 broken arrows pointing down in an archway
Domains: Liberation, Nobility, Revelry
Holy Weapon: Club or Great club.
Holy Relic: Bone Club of Morrukk, made of bear and allows the user to wild shape.

LN Goddess of law and the Edict
Symbol: Quill with red ink
Domains: Evil, Nobility, Tyrrany
Holy Weapon: Bronze spear head on a shaft of white oak.
Holy Relic: Standard of Splendor, a banner that grants all who see it either great morale or crushing defeat.

CG God of Heroes
Symbol: broken chains
Domains: Liberation, Strength, Chaos
Holy Weapon: Earthbreaker
Holy Relic: Foehammer, Kuzzok’s hammer which remains missing.

LG Goddess of the Downtrodden
Symbol: White star on a field of dark purple
Domains: Darkness, Good, Fire
Holy Weapon: star knife.
Holy Relic: Needle of Valor, a fine sized Warhammer that burns away wickedness

NE God of Doors and Rebirth
Symbol: White skull with black spiral coming out of the right eye socket on a grey field.
Domains: Death, Magic, Travel
Holy Weapon: Quarterstaff
Holy Relic: Dragon bone Chalice, an altered symbol of Roe that produces Vor’gathian Ambrosia

Vor’gath the Fallen
CE God of Gluttony and Madness (now dead, still worshipped)
Symbol: Half eaten corpse
Domains: Fear, Murder, Insanity
Holy Weapon: Oversized Meat Cleaver
Holy Relic: Bones of the Father, A chalice made from the bones of children.

Vor’gath the Giving
LE demigod of Control
Symbol: White skull atop a greataxe.
Domains: Death, Law, Community
Holy Weapon: Greataxe
Holy Relic: Midnight Axe, a greataxe that can freeze the blood of the living.

Vor’gath the Hungering
CE demigod of Gluttony and Death
Symbol: White Skull with black smoke trailing out of teeth.
Domains: Death, Destruction, Madness
Holy Weapon: Rhoka
Holy Relic: Bones of brotherhood, twin unholy daggers.

Vor’gath the Watching
CN demigod of Fate
Symbol: disembodied eye cast in silver painted red.
Domains: Blood, Fate, Void
Holy Weapon: Two-bladed sword
Holy Relic: Blood of the Seeress, an amulet that grants safe passage into the Fade

Vor’gath the Vengeful
CN quasigod of Revenge and Hate
Symbol: crossed longswords each cutting red crescents
Domains: Hatred, Rage, and Ferocity
Holy Weapon: Dual Longswords
Holy Relic: Sapesh, a weapon that is used to destroy undead but requires an undead to wield it.

Gods of the Ring
These are the gods that are forever bound in service to keeping the circle of life turning. Not much is known about them, and worship of such beings is said to drive the minds of mortals to madness. Worship of the Gods of the ring has become more popular in the last couple hundred years.

The Entity
CE God of Creation and Destruction
Symbol: Green Flame
Domains: Destruction, Chaos, Fire
Holy Weapon: Morning Star
Holy Relic: The Sun

The Finder of Keys
LN Goddess of Death and Rebirth
Symbol: Ring of keys
Domains: Death, Rune, Darkness
Holy Weapon: Short sword fashioned like a key
Holy Relic: The White Book, a tome that opens reader’s minds to her will

The Smith
LN God of Industry and Duty
Symbol: Anvil wreathed in green fire
Domains: Fire, Earth, Water
Holy Weapon: Warhammer
Holy Relic: Blade of Temperance, a longsword that was made from the first primordial Ingot

The Warden
LN God of Judgement
Symbol: Scale with crystals on one plate, crude ore on the other
Domains: Law, Artifice, Protection
Holy Weapon: Spiked Chain
Holy Relic: Hell’s Intent, a lock that bears no key worn as a necklace.

Gods and Goddesses

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