Founded circa. 1190 AD


The Stormchasers were officially founded in 1190 AD when the need for a pro-active approach to the creatures that threatened both life and liberty arose during and after the war.  The Stormchasers were a sect within the High Tides organization, created by Delmore G. Fitzbeyn and a small number of members in Order of the Hammer.  For almost 70 years, the Stormchasers proudly operated under the umbrella of the High Tides organization.  However, major collateral damage became a problem over time when dealing with these creatures, and as a result, the Stormchasers were disbanded when costs became too high.  

A few years later, the Stormchasers attempted an organization reformation but they were unable to overcome the distrust and destruction caused over years past and as such were unable to gain any traction into forming into an official organization.  Unofficially, however, the Stormchasers continued to exist in small contingents all over the globe.  As technology and information became more prevalent the need for Stormchasers dwindled, and many known Stormchasers continued their craft in relative secrecy.  Today, the Stormchasers still exist but are far fewer in number and less publicly known. 


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